2002, generative audio visual software application
Mregh-u-linea, 2002 - Excerpt | 00'32 | 4MB (Quicktime)
  Linea is a generative audio visual software instrument in which pairs of oscillating points describe aleatory lines and percussive audio events simultaneously. With shifting, turbulent vectors, the beginning and end points are determined by a noisy, random stream of numbers. This volatile line has the ability to vibrate at different frequencies and amplitudes. The wider the aperture of random numbers, the more extreme the difference between subsequent frames being drawn to the display. Alternately, various different inputs, in addition to human improvisation, may be used to generate movement, such as NASDAQ fluctuations or wind, water or proximity sensors. Pulsing, sonic poly-rhythms are produced with drawing and subsequent clearing of the plotted lines.  
  Mregh-u-linea, 2002  
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