Interstice, 2001, video camera, computer, custom software, sound system, video projector
Interstice, 2001

Interstice is an improvisational installation which uses optical motion tracking and audio visual synthesis to create an immersive feedback environment. From improvisational gestures, the analyzed image transforms the participants' image into an exploration of space, image and sound. Low frequency audio, which is more felt than heard, is also generated from the viewer’s locomotion. This project explores the transforming interval, or interstice, between physical and virtual space, private and public space, internal and external psychological space as a recursionary loop.

  Interstice, 2003, SFAV  
Without the willing participant, there is nothing to see or hear but darkness and silence. For onlookers the participant is the object and for the improvising subject? The object, aura and viewer merge into a singular experience.
Interstice, 2002, Activating the Medium (Photograph by Joe P. Johnston Copyright © 2002)
  3 WALLS GALLERY - San Antonio, TX, 2001
ACTIVATING THE MEDIUM 5 - San Francisco, CA, 2002
SFAV - 7 Festival de Video/Arte/Electronica, 2003