2001, mixed media with video and sound
  Breach, 2001  

Headline news and conspiracy fact, less told in a post 911 media, are read by an apparatus similar to a tachistoscope (speed reading machine) with the addition of a speech synthesizer to read the text as it scrolls. During my research, I found that was developed for training US Navy ship gunners to recognize enemy planes at a distance and thus prevent “friendly fire.” I liked the idea of this mechanism coupled with attempting to get at some truth or clarity regarding the power structure that has pushed the limits of empire.

  Breach, 2001  

The text animation is displayed on a mini-lcd display at a rapid rate and viewed through the stereo oculi of a vintage microscope and military issue headphones. The process of examining the text and sound results in a state of heightened awareness and confusion. Trying to integrate the dialectic of current events juxtaposed with the speculation of the Bush’s shady family history of war profiteering and a secret society makes for a challenging puzzle and delirious attempt at reasoning. A breach of security and of a much bigger body of evidence that is just now, in 2004, surfacing in more mainstream outlets.

Breach, 2001
  AIR PORTUGAL II - The Pond, San Francisco
Photographs by Sue Costibile