1997, 16mm film loop, glass, 3 x 2 meters
Tower, 1997 - loop - 00'36 | 2.3 MB
  Tower is a 16mm film installation shot from a glass elevator looking to the west at the setting sun. The projected palindrome looped in the exhibition space where the film was spooled up and over the rafters. The image descended from darkness at the top floor and bounced up from the bottom in an endless loop as the sound of the projector rattled on. The image was projected onto a found window. The dusty, glass surface diffused the light without any further preparation. The light coming from the projector bulb was surrogate to the original sun that was setting in the west when the film was shot. Many viewers questioned me about the origin of the scratched black and white film; Was it shot on the Eiffel Tower? Was this possibly footage from the 1965 World Fair in San Antonio, for which the tower was built? A moment which beckoned to shared memories rose and fell as a tide, or the swinging of a pendulum. The film deteriorated over the course of the installation, as dust and scratches slowly erased the image.

Special thanks to Ethel Shipton, Callida Borgnino, Nate Cassie and Tyler Linton for making this project possible.
  Tower, 1997  

Tower, 1997
The Project Room, San Antonio, TX