2003, Single channel video with sound | DVD, NTSC - 04:35;22
A camera was mounted to the hood of a truck, pointed down at the pavement and then driven from San Francisco to Oakland on the Bay Bridge. I have long been fascinated by the way light is modulated when moving through this architectural space in a vehicle. I had been waiting for a day like this, when the sky was a clear with good visibility, hard light and sharp shadows. I drove across the bridge, improvising, by seeking out the patterns that were most interesting.

The luminosity of this video image was then used to process the volume of the sound of a running motor, which reveals a sonic equivalent of the bridge’s structural rhythm. Where there is structure, where there are shadows, there is noise. No video edits were made.

Video to sound processed with Scott Arford at 7hz, San Francisco.

  Span, 2003  
HOT - Tour and Taxis, Brussels