2004, Pre-existing architecture, prepared lights, electronics, microphones, speakers

n : a ghost that announces its presence with rapping and the creation of disorder

, 2004 -
Documentation | 03'28 | 4.3MB (Quicktime)
  Poltergeist is an architectural intervention in which fluorescent lights have been short circuited. Multiplying this random behavior, using three lights, results in a sort of emergent artificial intelligence of stroboscoping light and noise. The viewer must negotiate the situation of uncertainty and interference by traversing through this corridor. For this work to be truly effective, it must be enabled for an uninitiated audience. The sound of the blinking bulbs is amplified throughout the space from hidden speakers, which ads a considerable amount of tension to the scenario. The water damaged, decaying walls summon gothic cinematic images.
Poltergeist, 2004
Open Studios, 2004