2004, mirror, pre-existing architecture, sunlight

A mirror attached to south gallery window diverts the usual path
of afternoon sunbeam across the gallery wall...
Diversion, 2004

I was invited to propose a piece for an exhibition entitled “Open.” Using images from their website for reference, the curators asked for proposals that intervened with the unique architecture of the historic space. I proposed to place a mirror in the attic, behind a window, where the afternoon sunlight would stream down the gallery wall as a spike of light. The sunbeam makes its appearance on the wall and moves its position until dusk. This phenomenon would only be witnessed if sunny weather conditions were present, along with being there at a good time for viewing. Even still, there is always the chance that it is only experienced as ambient noise, on the periphery of perception like so much sensory information we must selectively ignore to function daily in civilization.


Diversion, 2004, installation view (in progress)

In what appeared to be an empty exhibition space, “Open” considered the elasticity of emptiness, the thresholds of perception, and the physical and cultural parameters of the white cube. The show was co-curated by Sandra Firman and Richard Torchia in conjunction with “The Big Nothing,” a citywide festival initiated by the Institute of contemporary Art, Philadelphia. Much thanks go to Bree Edwards, Sandra Firman, Reed Haslach and Richard Torchia for making this project possible.

Diversion, 2004, installation view
  THE BIG NOTHING - ICA, Philadelphia
OPEN - Arcadia University Art Gallery