Warm Logic
Grusenmeyer Art Gallery, 2004
All of the work in this exhibition is directly represented from our environment, but transposed, translated, transcoded or digitized; technology mediating nature, consumer electronics in a servile position the physical world. Light and sound filtered through architecture, improvisation and other ersatz systems as well as our own informed cognition. Recursion into physical phenomena pulls us back into that which the intellect, lagging behind, wedges us apart from relentlessly. Time out, into cyclic rhythms, oscillating wildly.

- C. Musgrave, 12 Sept. 2004, Deurle, Belgium.
Warm Logic, intallation view
Couple, 2004, 2 channel DVD
Infinite Loop (Deus Ex Machina) television, digital video camera, splitter cable

Signal (Evolutions Idol), 2004, single channel video projection


IMG_61934, digital print, 32 x 90 cm
IMG_5894, digital print, 40 X 50 cm
  IMG_6238, digital print, 90 x 120 cm  
- Grusenmeyer Art Gallery