Chris Musgrave, USA (b. 1969)

Christopher Musgrave (USA) investigates the relationship between space, perception and cognition using ephemeral materials such as sound, light, time and media. His installations, performances and compositions push the limits of what is within our understanding of the perceivable. In its exploration of varying phenomena, Musgrave's work aspires to alter the perception of viewer by finding the radical in the everyday and to implicate them in creating meaningful association.

Chris was born Northern California and is largely an autodidact. He played drums various bands during late teens and early 20's and has lived in San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Antonio, TX and New York. His videos and installation have been exhibited throughout America and abroad, including Canada, England, Germany, Peru and Belgium. He is currently a candidate laureate at the Higher Institute for Fine Art Flanders in Antwerp, Belgium.

Formal Education
Higher Institute for Fine Art, Antwerp, Belgium

Solo Exhibitions
(2004) Grussenmeyer Gallery, Deurle, BE
(2002) University of Georgia, New Media Institute and Synergy Center, Athens, GA
(2001) 3 Walls Gallery, San Antonio, TX
(1997) The Project Room, San Antonio, TX

Group Exhibitions
(2004) Anatomy of the Now, Amsterdam
Nuit Blanche, Paris, France
RUSH, Oudenaarde, Belgium
OPEN (in conjunction with "The Big Nothing") Philadelphia, PA
Eclipse, Willebroek, BE
Open Studios, HISK, Antwerp
(2003) HOT, Tour and Taxis, Brussels, Belgium
Abstraction Now, Kunstlerhaus Wien, Austria
ENERGY, Folkwang Museum, Essen, Germany
7 ATA Festival, SF/AV, Lima, Peru
Firefly, Arts Center of the Capital Region, Troy, NY
(2002) Transcinema '02, San Jose Museum of Modern Art, San Jose, CA
Transcinema '02, The Lab, San Francisco, CA
Creacion en Movimiento, Jovenes Creadores, Mexico City
Elements of the Temporary, Southern Exposure Gallery, San Francisco, CA
Activating the Medium, California State University Chico, CA
Activating the Medium, Cuesta College of Fine Arts, San Luis Obispo, CA
Activating the Medium, Beyond Baroque Literary Arts, Venice, CA
Freebiennial, Twitch Visual, Remote Lounge, NY, NY
(2001) Untitled (Breach), Air Portugal, The Pond, San Francisco, CA
(1998) Horizons, Blue Star 13, Blue Star Art Space, San Antonio, TX
(1997) Hip Hop, The Project Room, San Antonio, TX
(2004) Factor 44, Antwerp
(2003) 7 ATA Festival, SF/AV, Lima, Peru
CalArts CEAIT Festival, Valencia, CA
(2002) Transcinema '02, 111 Minna Gallery, San Francisco, CA
(1997) The Project Room, San Antonio, TX
(2003) Argos Festival 3, Brussels, Belgium
Triangle Project Space, San Antonio, TX
European Media Art Festival, Osnabrück, Germany
Media City, Artcite, Windsor Ontario, Canada
X-fest, Remote Lounge, New York, NY
Austin Museum of Digital Art, Digital Showcase, Austin, TX
(2002) Sightsonic, York, UK
Exploding Cinema, Seattle International Film Festival, Seattle, WA
(2004) ECLIPS Catalog
(2002) Activating the Medium, Catalog
(2004) Solo DVD release (forthcoming in 2004 on Asphodel Records)
Re-Line 2, DVD, Various artists, compilation
(2002) Wake (Loop), loop compilation
(2002) Re-Line DVD, Various artists, compilation
(2004) The Nordic Artists' Center in Dale, Norway
(2002) University of Georgia, New Media Institute and Synergy Center, Athens, GA
(2002) The Swiss Institute, New York, NY


Headline news and conspiracy fact, less told in a post 911 media, are read by an apparatus similar to a tachistoscope (speed reading machine) with the addition of a speech synthesizer to read the text as it scrolls. During my research, I found that tachistascopes were used to train US Navy ship gunners to recognize enemy planes at a distance and thus prevent “friendly fire.” I liked the idea of this mechanism coupled with attempting to get at some truth or clarity regarding the power structure that has pushed the limits of empire.

  Breach, 2001  

The text animation is displayed on a mini-lcd display at a rapid rate and viewed through the stereo oculi of a vintage microscope and military issue headphones. The process of examining the text and sound results in a state of heightened awareness and confusion. Trying to integrate the dialectic of current events juxtaposed with the speculation of the Bush’s shady family history of war profiteering and a secret society makes for a challenging puzzle and delirious attempt at reasoning. A breach of security and of a much bigger body of evidence that is just now, in 2004, surfacing in more mainstream outlets.

Breach, 2001
  AIR PORTUGAL II - The Pond, San Francisco
Photographs by Sue Costibile